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Albatross Tours have created tours specifically for people like you travelling to the far side of the world, and wanting more from their escorted coach tour than a few hurried, all too brief visits and repetitive, long intercity drives. That is why they ensure the touring pace is always so much more sensible! Longer stays in each destination provide you with far more time for sightseeing, and a more fulfilling overall touring experience. That is also why they make sure each tour is genuinely inclusive, with no additional ‘on tour’ costs.

Southlands Travel & Cruise have vast experience booking the best Australian holidays catered to your needs, whatever your dream or budget the team can organise your trip.

For more information see the below brochures on your favourite destinations. To receive a quote email sltravel@bigpond.com or call us on 02 6286 5540 to start your Australian adventure.