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At Abercrombie & Kent they pride themselves on the service and standard of excellence that they give to you. This service extends to every stage of your journey with Abercrombie & Kent, from the very start of your enquiry to the phone call you receive from them when you get back from your holiday.

Southlands Travel & Cruise have vast experience booking the best A&K holidays catered to your needs, whatever your dream or budget the team can organise your trip.

For more information see the below brochures on your favourite international destinations. To receive a quote email sltravel@bigpond.com or call us on 02 6286 5540 to start your new adventure.

Expedition Cruises 2017-18lec-2017-brochure-cover
Small Group 2017
Boutique Group 2017connections-boutique-2017-cover
Europe River Cruise 2017connections-erc-2017-cover
Japan & Beyond 2017cruising-japan-beyond-2017-cover-lr
Marco Polo Journeys 2017mpj-2017-cover
RTW Geoffrey Kent 2017ak-pj-atw-gk-2017-cover-lr
Africa: Private Jet 2017AK-PJ-Africa-2017-cover
Tropics to the Arctic 2017AK-PJ-ATW-Tropics-2017-cover
Cuba 2016-17connections-cuba-pp-2016-17-cover-lr
Expedition Cruises 2016-17luxury-expedition-cruises-brochure-cover
Wings Over World 16-17wings-over-the-world-cover
Europe Canal Barge 20162016-Canal-Barge-Brochure-Cover
Europe River Cruise 20162016-connections-european-river-cruises-cover
Worldwide Group 20162016-connections-worldwide-group-journeys-cover
Family Journeys 2016family-journeys-cover
Cuba & South America 16cuba-sa-pj
Luxury Independent 2016signature-series-cover
Marco Polo 2016marco-polo-journeys
Tailor Made Travel 2016luxury-tailor-made-travel-cover
Luxury Small Group 2016luxury-small-group-journeys
Worldwide Hotel Portfolioworldwide-hotel-portfolio-cover